Scott began his journey into photography on a whim with the purchase of an entry level Canon DSLR from Craig’s List.  What started off as a fun and creative hobby, quickly turned into an obsession. Having no formal training, Scott began taking  photos of anyone and anything he could get in front of his camera to practice and experiment with light, focus, and angles.  As the mysteries of F stops and shutter speeds began to unravel Scott was developing a distinctive style that was noticed very quickly.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Scott is now known for his bright and bold natural style, with a focus on taking photographs that pull the viewer inside the photo.  Whether shooting a model, a body builder, a tattoo artist, a street scene or a night time long exposure, Scott captures the moment in front of him from a perspective that let’s the viewer feel as if they have an intimate glimpse of a moment frozen in time.

When asked about his photography style, Scott’s says: “I shoot what is in front of me, and try to capture what makes it look cool, beautiful, or different. Everything and everybody has a story.  If you want to take a great photo, you have to figure out how to focus on the most interesting aspect of the subject, and bring it to the attention of the viewer.”

In addition to being a photographer, Scott is also a musician.  As a saxophonist he has played on over 50 CDs, toured all over the world, and done several recording sessions for TV & movies.  To find out more about my music career: Scott Paddock Website

Self portraits of Scott Paddock

scott portrait 1000

Scott’s latest music video, featuring his original song – Ice Cold Chillin’